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Everything you need to build, grow, and scale your own 7-figure OnlyFans Management Agency.

“This is by far the most in-depth OnlyFans management course I've bought. The chatter sequences are worth more than the price of the course. It has doubled my model's income in the first two weeks of implementing the strategies. My agencies future looks bright!"

- Jacob Raffy, OnlyFans Agency Owner

Grant Went From $15/hr To $50k/mo (Profit)

6 months ago Grant was working at Home Depot making minimum wage. He jumped into the Academy, built his agency in a couple days and now rakes in $50k/mo working 10 hours per week.

The 7-Figure OnlyFans Agency Formula

Learn the fundamental strategies and structures to becoming successful in the fastest timeframe possible

“I started out as a complete beginner and didn't know anything about the OnlyFans industry. I was nervous to start but Kyle's course took me by the hand and showed me step-by-step how to get all this to work. I signed my first couple models in the first month and now I'm working on signing two more just this week."

- Art Taffer, OnlyFans Agency Owner

Scale Mastery Academy's Coach

Kyle Plummer is an ex-corporate slave who turned $97 into a 7-figure empire. You may have seen him featured in publications like Yahoo Finance, Business Blurb, ABC, Fox, or The Top 30 Entrepreneur's list.

He thrives on helping clients systematically build online businesses that drive passive income whether they eat, sleep or travel. He takes the guessing game out of why customers get hooked to the products we buy online.

Starting his career packing boxes at a corporate training company, he was quickly able rise to Director of Marketing and overseeing the entire Marketing operations of an international company.

Kyle stumbled across ecommerce and immediately fell in love because it was a way to live life on his "own terms".
He has since built several successful businesses and is "all-in" with OnlyFans management.

With over a dozen models cummulatively producing 6-figures a month, he has figured out what to do... but more importantly, what NOT to do.

The Last "Course" 
You Will Ever Need

“Couldn't be happier with the academy. I already had a (somewhat) successful agency clearing $10k/mo with 5 models. Since joining the academy, I've not only signed more clients, but I've used strategies in the course to double my current model's income. I'm now making $20k/mo and ready to get to the next level!"

- Jackson Martin, OnlyFans Agency Owner

Carter 3X'd His Income In One Week Using Our Scripts

Carter has had an agency for over a year. It only took a few small tweaks for a big payoff. This is common with most agency owners and they leave alot of money on the table.

Training That Works
Every Step Of The Way

Whether you're looking for your first model or first 100 models, you will have the tools you need to succeed.

“I was skeptical to join the Scale Mastery Academy because I didn't know much about Kyle at the time. I can safely say I'm glad I took the leap. This is by far the best investment if you are looking to build a solid OnlyFans agency.

- Tommy Hart, OnlyFans Agency Owner


When you join the scale Mastery Course Today


Profit Secrets Includes...

Bonus 1:


Value: Priceless

Every successful business owner, has an equally successful support group. You are the sum of the 6 most people you hang around. Fortunately, we've done all the leg work and created a network of other aspiring or successful OnlyFans Agency owners to connect with.

My goal is to create the very best network of OnlyFans Agency owners to bounce ideas off, get leading insights, and to develop relationships that lead to the greatest outcome possible.

This is an exclusive group to only those that join the $cale Mastery Academy, keeping our group as strong as possible.

Bonus 2:


Value: $997

I've developed a proprietary 86-point profile audit that I use to find strengths and weaknesses of my models. This simple tool will pin point what you need to do next in order to maximize your model's time and revenue.

This is also a great tool for lead generation. Often times it's hard to get the attention of a potential client because you haven't proven any value. This is your value.

All you need to do is follow the checklist, create an audit report (with a simple, professional template I've designed for you), and send over to the potential client - and boom... you've now established value and talking points to acquire that lead.

Bonus 3:


Value: $297

Perhaps one of the most frequent questions I get is, "Kyle... I'm sending out plenty of DM's but I don't get any responses. What's going on?"

What's likely "going on" is you don't know how to send a proper DM. These girls are getting dozens if not 100's of DM's every single day. How do you breakthrough?

I've personally split-tested dozens of different messages and have found one that breaks through the clutter.

All you have to do is copy and paste my message and you will be ahead of 95% of your competition.

Bonus 4:


Value: $497

What most courses don't offer is what to do once you actually have models. What are we supposed to post? What's the best strategy?

I've analyzed 100's of the very top models and implemented their strategies with my own agency and detailed out everything with these PDF's.You will find posting schedules for Instagram and within OnlyFans.

Not only are these great guidelines, but these are well-designed templates for your use to send to your models during onboarding.

I've included all of my branded documents that I send to my models for your use. You will be a top-notch Agency owner by leveraging all the work I've already done.

Bonus 5:


Value: $147

One of the biggest issues I see with OnlyFans Agency owners is they work too much. They are so excited about the opportunity that they keep onboarding model, after model, after model. And... they do everything themselves.

You aren't in the business to work 12 hours a day. In any business, you are most successful (and most happy) when you leverage the energy and efforts of other people.

Fortunately for you, I've given you all the copy and paste templates to hire the people that will make your life easy.

Bonus 6:


Value: $997

Your biggest value as an OnlyFans Agency is taking advantage of selling more content through DM's. This is where you can have immediate impact for your OnlyFans creators.

I have a business (ClickBank) that specializes in bringing more money immediately to OnlyFans creators and I'm giving you our entire 82-page proprietary training guide included in the Scale Mastery Academy.

This is what you can use to send to your chatting team to make them more effective and bring in 2x to 3x more money overnight. There's not a single course on the market that is giving this information away.

Sign Your First Model
The First Week

Follow my step-by-step process that has helped dozens of new agency owners to sign a model in record time.

“I was struggling to get my first client for months until I joined the academy. I took some advice and finally landed my first model. Ready to see what we can make happen!"

- Harper Greene, OnlyFans Agency Owner

Binh Onboarded 11 Models And Created Top Earners

My end goal is to give you a replicatable system and make you self-sufficient. As you can see by our convo, I hadn't heard from Binh for months. I will always be a text away, but once you have the system, the business becomes simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. The Sale Mastery Academy was designed to work with your schedule. Whenever you have time to watch the videos and implement the strategies, the course will always be available.

Unfortunately there isn't a definite answer. It depends on the person. We promise to give you the absolute best strategies and structure in the industry. This business model also doesn't have a ceiling on income. Simply put, you get what you put in.

This course is for everyone. I've intentionally created the Scale Mastery Academy to be beginner friendly. It also includes advanced strategies that even the most seasoned agency owner can learn from. Plus, content is being added all the time and the academy is built on the needs and wants from the community. If there is something you need more information on, I am happy to create videos for your specific needs.

I cannot guarantee results because I cannot do the work for you. I will say that if you go through the entire course and implement my strategies and are unhappy with the value provided, I am happy to provide a no-questions asked refund. Message me privately on our Telegram and we can get it all sorted out.

We now offer Afterpay. You can join today and make 4 installments over the next 6 weeks. There will be an option on the checkout page.

Kris Bought A Jaguar F-Type With OnlyFans Money

Kris joined the Academy 4 months ago and wasn't scared to take action. Personally, I'm not a big car guy, but I got to give props to someone that is making their dreams come true.


When You Join The $cale Mastery
Academy You Get All Of This

Immediate Access to the $cale Mastery Academy with step by step, proven and replicable strategies to take you from $0 to your first 6-figure OnlyFans Agency and beyond...

Bonus 1: Exclusive Private Telegram Group Value: Priceless

Bonus 2: Proprietary 86-Point Profile Audit Tool Value: $997

Bonus 3: Winning Outreach DM Scripts Value: $297

Bonus 4: 6-Figure Posting Strategy Kit Value: $497

Bonus 5: VA Automation Templates Value: $147

Bonus 6: Chatter Sequence Masterclass: $997

Valued at over $4,932 - the $cale Mastery Academy + Profit Secrets Bundle is yours for only:

Life-Time Access

save over 90%

4 Interest-Free Payments Over 6 Weeks

Last Note:
"But Kyle, Why Can't I Just Watch YouTube?"

I'm not going to stop you. And you're not the person we want in the academy anyways. Because of the nature of the OnlyFans industry, 90% of what we talk about can't be posted on YouTube.

100% of the behind-the-scenes and proprietary documents/ tools I use at my agency can't be shared with the general public.

0% of the community is working together in the YouTube comments.

What path will you decide? The long and difficult one? Or the guided, easy route? If you chose easy, click the button above and we will see you in the academy with 200+ thriving members.